May 19th, 2004


Not Easy Being Green

Going to see Shrek 2 tonight. Have to buy gas on the way.

Saw Scary Movie 3 on DVD a couple of days ago. I had no problems following the storyline, even though I never saw Scary Movie 2. SC3 was an improvement over the original in a few respects, but the biggest factor was probably the lack of Wayanses.

Saw Van Helsing a couple of weeks ago. If you can turn off your brain and just get into the explosions and effects, it's a lot of fun. Just don't think about the cheesy dialog, the plot holes as big as the full moon that appears 21 days a month, the total bastardization of the mythos involved, and so on. If you can just watch it for the eye candy alone, it's worth it. The animated prequel which just came out on DVD, however, has all of the flaws of the live-action movie without the saving graces. Avoid, avoid, avoid.