June 5th, 2004


All I Have To Do Is Dreeeeeeeeeeeeam...

I very rarely remember my dreams. I'm sure I have dreams; they say that without dreams, a human would go completely insane. I don't think I'm completely insane yet. But for whatever reason, I have no memory of what I dream -- I perceive no passage of time between when I fall asleep, and when I wake up the next morning. There are probably very good reasons why I keep my subconscious on a short leash.

Last night, I fell asleep while watching Club Dread. My wife rented it for me, because it was by the makers of Super Troopers, and I had liked that. (Super Troopers was incredibly stupid, and yet had a lot of funny bits in it. Club Dread., from the hour or so that I saw, was just stupid.) I had a dream, and I recalled it upon awakening.

Possibly because Q woke me up while it was in progress. It's all her fault. Good thing I love her.

Anyway, in my dream, I was in the movie, and found these bizarre clues that could have determined who the killer was. (I still have no idea.) At the same time, in the dream, I was watching the movie -- and it had commercial breaks. One of them was a commercial for a new type of Hot Pockets™ which were stuffed with cicadas.

This is why I don't usually allow myself to remember my dreams. It is also a good demonstration of why, when one does remember their dreams, they ought to just keep them to themselves...

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It's still raining. At least I don't have to go out anywhere for a while.

I went out for a drive yesterday. I normally walk to get lunch, often to somewhere a mile or more away, to get some fresh air and exercise before returning to my office. Since it was raining yesterday and I didn't feel like getting wet, I decided to drive somewhere to get food.

I got a flat tire, and had get out and change it in a parking lot in the rain. Typical. But after work I picked up two new tires (and a new rim so that I could use the other front tire as a spare -- this is the third time I've had to use the donut that came with my car, and I really hate driving on those), so I should be good for a while (I replaced my other two tires a few months ago, after the Florida trip).
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