June 14th, 2004


Top XX Commenters

Regarding this meme, it's interesting how, as you go down the list, you eventually hit a number of journals which no longer exist, or people who no longer read your journal. There are also several people (myself included) who are on the list under more than one name. Velly eeeeenteresting.
Allah Sulu-South Park

Number Nine... Number Nine.. Number Nine...

Regarding the Commenter meme which everyone is taking -- I find it odd that I'm number nine on several people's lists: </a></b></a>bouncepogo, </a></b></a>cmndrcuddles, </a></b></a>revaladdinsane, </a></b></a>rvdammit, and </a></b></a>x_candyslut_x.

(And yes, for </a></b></a>yermie, I'll re-run this later...)

EDIT: I'm also </a></b></a>kyrene's #9, and I'm either #8 or #10 on at least three other lists.

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Rocky Horror

We Are Not Amused

For the rest of the English-speaking world, who don't care that today is Flag Day in the USA, I'd like to point out that today is also the Queen's1 birthday. Happy birthday, mum.

1I hope I don't have to explain who I mean by "the Queen". Seriously, Pride Weekend is over.

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