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The Vodka God's Journal
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Sunday, June 20th, 2004

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Who's Your Daddy?
Happy Father's Day to the fathers on my friends list, and the fathers of the rest of you...
Does This Mean That I'm A Bastard Too?
My Best Friend is </a></b></a>sethcohen
Our 64 common interests are: alcohol, backrubs, beatles, black adder, books, booze, caffeine, comedy, comic books, comic strips, comics, computers, conventions, cooking, discworld, driving, drunken debauchery, dvds, enterprise, fantasy, fnord, friends, fun, harry potter, hugs, humor, illuminati, internet, literature, lord of the rings, love, money, monogamy, monty python, movies, munchkin, music, musicals, on-line comics, parody, photography, pizza, reading, red dwarf, renaissance festivals, rhps, rocky horror picture show, sarcasm, satire, sci-fi, science fiction, sluggy freelance, spanish inquisition, spider robinson, star trek, star wars, superheroes, swimming, terry pratchett, travel, vodka, weird al yankovic, world domination, writing
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto

ADDENDUM: The first time I tried this meme (or one functionally similar to it) last year, it told me that my best friend was </a></b></a>storvik.


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