June 26th, 2004


Baby, You Can Drive My Car

Just got back from Saturn of Bowie1, where I got my 66,000 mile service -- I've only had the car for 2.5 years, and I'm already approaching the end of my 5 year/75,000 mile warranty. Since my last car got mortally wounded less than an hour after its warranty expired2, I may be expecting someone like </a></b></a>tez to hook me up with a good deal sometime soon. Anyway, they have terminals there for people to use the internet while they wait -- but they keep ratching up the firewall/filter/security levels, to the point where it's getting increasingly difficult to actually do anything (or at least not worth the effort) ... And all I'm trying to do is email and livejournal. Anyway, no doubt due to this, I couldn't even check email when I was there today. If you're going to keep people from doing even the most basic operations, you might as well not have the computers available at all. Or forget about the internet, and just put some games on the thing (they have none right now, not even Solitaire).

1 For some reason I cannot understand or explain, the town insists that its name is pronounced Boo-ee. That alone should be reason to avoid them like the psychos that they are; but I didn't like the hours or service of the Saturn closer to me, and I did buy my car in Boo-ee, so I usually go there.
2 I was on my way to </a></b></a>jeff and </a></b></a>lisa's place, and noticed as my odometer crossed the line from "covered" to "not covered". I said to myself that something would happen any time soon; and before I even got to my destination, it did.

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