August 1st, 2004


It Takes A...

Q and I just saw M. Night Shyamalan's The Village People. We predicted many of the twists and turns (we were whispering a bit during the movie1 and discussed the rest afterwards), but not all of them. There were still some surprises. Shyamalan threw a few red herrings in; so that even if you knew there was a twist coming, it might not have twisted the way you thought it would. It took quite a lot of time before any twists (or actual events) occurred -- the beginning dragged. With Sixth Sense being Shyamalan's best and Signs being his worst, this one ended up somewhere in the Unbreakable area in the middle.

Oh, and I actually parked in the spot reserved for pregnant women. First time.

1A theater full of black people, and the ones talking were the white couple. It's important to keep balance in the universe, as Queen Latifah pointed out in the Eugene Levy-free trailer for "Taxi" we saw before the main feature.