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The Vodka God's Journal
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Monday, August 2nd, 2004

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    MIAMI -- A couple returning home from a Costa Rican vacation was ejected from an American Airlines flight because the man was wearing a T-shirt depicting a bare breast. ...[BIG SNIP]... Wagner noted on American's Web site the policy clearly states that someone who is "clothed in a manner that would cause discomfort or offense to other passengers" can be removed from a flight.
I'd better keep that in mind next time I fly anywhere...
Vodka Flavor Provides Taste Of Personality
CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) -- A person's taste in vodka can give you a good shot of their personality. That's what one smell and taste expert sniffed up in a recent study for Stolichnaya vodka.
FNORD Dr. Allen Hirsch says drinkers who favor vanilla vodka are impetuous grudge holders who love to bask in the limelight. Meanwhile, those who order raspberry-flavored vodka are charming perfectionists who like challenges but freeze up in front of large groups.
  • Orange vodka drinkers love making people laugh and take everything in stride.
  • "Cranberries" see the world in black and white and prefer setting their own hours.
  • "Peachies" abhor delayed gratification but get bored easily in relationships.
  • Finally, Dr. Hirsch claims people who love citrus-flavored vodka spend a lot of time considering "who is worthy of their hearts, which can lead to actually meeting out on true love."
(My favorite is a tie between vanilla and orange.)
GIP - Pwetty Colors...
While others are making kaleidoscopic icons using this site, I made mine with many multicolored repetitions of the word "HUH?"
Is It Live Or Is It LiveJournal?
I'm getting email notifications now for comments people made in June.

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