August 13th, 2004


It's Not Just For Prisons Anymore!

This one's for grooviegirl1...

Get Behind Celebrating Anal Sex Month
SAN FRANCISCO2 (Wireless Flash) -- Here's a holiday we can all get behind3: August is "National Anal Sex Month."
          For the last three years, the Good Vibrations sex toy shop in San Francisco has celebrated August as "Anal Sex month" because, as spokeswoman Niki Khanna says, "the month has a lot of A's."4
          Khanna believes having a whole month dedicated to anal sex means people aren't as touchy about the subject as in years past. However, she says the big challenge is convincing people that the activity doesn't "...have to involve penetration. Some people just like being touched on the tip."
          She's got a busy few weeks ahead of her because Anal Sex Month is already one-third completed. Khanna is just getting the word out because she admits she got behind in her work.

1I hope you don't mind being made the butt of this joke...
2Why am I not surprised?
3Nudge nudge, wink wink...
4I wonder where they pulled that idea out of? "August" only has one "A". "January" has more. "April" begins and ends with the same letter as "anal".