August 31st, 2004


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If you haven't taken, or at least checked out, the D&D stat poll yet; then I suggest you do so now... There are a few different ways that you could have approached answering this one.
  1. Exaggeration -- throw out a lot of high and low numbers to emphasize my strengths and weaknesses. Some of you gave me the intelligence of Stephen Hawking; others gave me the dexterity of Stephen Hawking. Although I am bright, and without a certain amount of grace, neither 18 nor 4, respectively, are particularly realistic. Still, it is a valid way of answering the poll since I didn't set any sort of ground rules. It's also a lot more interesting and tells me more about how you see me... "The extreme always makes an impression," as Christian Slater said in Heathers.
  2. Statistical Accuracy -- these abilities are supposed to be on a bell curve, which means that most people will fall in the 9 to 12 range for these abilities. A score of 8 or 13 indicates someone outside the norm; much higher or lower than that would be freakishly unusual. It's hard to quantify these numbers to real-life standards, although at least one version of the Player's Handbook1 said that Intelligence is approximately IQ / 10. In that case, someone with an intelligence of 14 would be considered a genius, well outside the norm. Of course, while this method is more realistic, it's also boring. Who wants to run a poll like this, simply to get back a string of tens for answers?
  3. Guesses -- For those of you who don't know me very well.
  4. Flattery -- When all else fails, throw a bunch of high scores at me and stroke my ego.
  5. Ass-Hattery -- Give me mostly threes. That'll teach me to get uppity!
Anyway, looking over the answers (and considering the source) made it pretty easy to determine in most cases which method was being used -- and, because of the multiple methods (and differences of opinion in those who know me), I got a pretty good range of answers. (I actually took the test more than once myself; I used the first method as allah_sulu and the second, more logical, method as storvik.) Gotta go; I'll comment on the actual results of the poll later...

1I played D&D in the 80s. I have no idea what the manuals say now.