September 3rd, 2004


Attention, Tinfoil Beanie Brigade

Hellooo!!@!!oneone! Yet another huge hurricane hits Florida, driving out millions of people, just before the next American Presidential election... Where are the lunatic conspiracy theories? Why is nobody blaming a partisan God or secret CIA weather control satellites? Appealing to the Supreme Court? Demanding a recount of the Type-3 classification from the National Hurricane Center?

Poll #344979 Amuse Me

Who is really responsible for hurricane Frances, and why?

Allah Sulu-South Park

I'm A Little Bit Country...

I have my own nationstate, The Dominion of Allah Sulu.

UN Category: Anarchy
Civil Rights: Superb
Economy: Thriving
Political Freedoms: World Benchmark

The Dominion of Allah Sulu is a small, socially progressive nation, remarkable for its barren, inhospitable landscape. Its hard-nosed, hard-working, intelligent population of 12 million live in a state of perpetual fear, as a complete breakdown of social order has led to the rise of order through biker gangs.

The tiny, corrupt, pro-business government juggles the competing demands of Law & Order, Religion & Spirituality, and Commerce. Citizens pay a flat income tax of 1%. A powerhouse of a private sector is led by the Furniture Restoration, Soda Sales, and Pizza Delivery industries.

Voting is voluntary, the tenet of free speech is held dear, and scientists regularly clone human beings for research purposes. Crime is a major problem. Allah Sulu's national animal is the ferret and its currency is the fifth of vodka.