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The Vodka God's Journal
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Monday, September 13th, 2004

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Greedo Did Not Shoot First
I have no intentions of buying the new, even-more-super-dee-duper-special editions of the original Star Wars movies when they come out sometime soon on DVD. Despite (or because of) the fact that they are currently sending me more spam than the penis enlargement people. (Maybe they should combine their campaigns -- "En~lar`ge your L.1.G.H.T.S.A.B.3.R now, pl#eas!e the Pr.i.nces.s.s!!") At least when Spielberg did his hack job on E.T. ("Stop! Stop or I'll call someone on this cel phone!!") he did relent to public criticism and release both versions on DVD (albeit with some sniffing and bitching). But Lucas, who has long since ceased to have any directoral ability (as evidenced by the recent "prequels") really ought to leave well enough alone rather than continuing to dick with the last (only?) good movies he's done. I'll keep the classic versions of the original trilogy that I've already got, thank you very much.

This rant inspired by this thread on fark.com inviting members to "Photo shop other Lucas-inspired bastardizations to the Holy Trilogy's DVD"...

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Yes, it really is that bad.Collapse )

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