September 16th, 2004


Picture Requests

Someone made the following confidential request: "There's never enough Nipples in campaigns...bring em' on! We need man boobs!" Well, never let it be said that I don't pander to my supporters just as well as the other guys... Collapse )

Someone else made this suggestion (in a friends-only thread): "I chose ducttapeavenger  for your veep because he's a military guy. I love a guy in uniform. *sigh* I know he's not high in the standings, but on the chance that you would post pictures of him, (in uniform) I picked him. Hey, that's it..... post pics of your VP possibles. (even if they aren't real)". I hereby call upon any and all of the veep candidates to post a picture of themselves in the comments to this message, as a way of influencing the voters...