September 21st, 2004


Star Wars Update

I said that "I have no intentions of buying the new, even-more-super-dee-duper-special editions of the original Star Wars movies when they come out sometime soon on DVD." I meant it. However, I did have an opportunity to check them out for free, which I accepted out of morbid curiosity. I understand that they changed (yet again) the Greedo-Han scene, and that young Anakin and Amidala have been inserted into a few places. The DVDs don't officially come out until today (the "street date"); but naturally, video stores get them earlier, so that they can have them on the shelves when they open today. Q's store got them yesterday, so I was hoping to post a few comments about the changes last night or this morning, for anyone who was interested...

Well, there was no movie-watching when we got home last night. They've been digging near our place, and somebody was incompetent, because they hit an underground transformer ... which exploded. No word which of the robots in disguise it was; but flames and smoke were pouring out of their dig, and there were fire trucks, police, and the like around to evacuate homes just in case any caught afire (they didn't). The irony of this is that the reason for this digging is that they're laying pipes to install more fire hydrants.

So, our power was out, leaving us no choice but to make out by candlelight -- surely more enjoyable than these DVDs have any hope of being.

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Evil VAMPIRE Cheerleaders!

"Evil vampire cheerleaders" are a significant concern to our party members -- but are they FOR, or AGAINST?

How do you feel about evil vampire cheerleaders?

Evil vampire cheerleaders are make-believe, like elves, gremlins, and eskimos.
They should be legalized, regulated, and taxed for the good of society.
I am strongly for them, and welcome our new evil vampire cheerleader overlords.
I would like to be firmly against them, if you know what I mean and I think you do, nudge nudge...
I have no opinion on them yet. Maybe after another drink...?