September 30th, 2004


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The other day I saw a cheap and cheesy-looking sci-fi videotape for sale, previously viewed, called The Dark Side of the Moon. I was wondering what would happen if I took it home and watched it with the sound muted, while listening to the soundtrack from The Wizard of Oz. (I decided not to try it, on the off-chance that it would cause a paradox which would rupture the fabric of space and time; and I always hate it when that happens -- even if I do have sufficient duct tape to fix it.)

Weesa Free!

It's official: there's absolutely no reason to watch Star Wars Episode III: The Anagram of Sith. Jar-Jar Binks is not going to die a gruesome death. The new DVDs prove that he was still alive when the Emperor died in the Endor system at the end of Return of the Jedi.

P.S. This could be construed as a spoiler. If so, do not read it. Thank you.

Allah Sulu-South Park

Campaign Statement

It seems many people are worried about "the draft". What is my stance? The draft that I'm in favor of is that gust of cold air that tells me I've once again forgotten to put on pants before leaving the house.

Another "hot issue" lately involves traditional marriage and same-sex marriage. Do I, people ask, discriminate between the two? Hell yes! I think straight people should have traditional marriages and gay people should have same-sex marriages. And the rest of you should bang Natalie Portman -- the line forms behind the moose.