October 1st, 2004

Allah Sulu-South Park

Avenue Q & A

Avenue Q's Rod (center) with puppet politicians John Kerry and George Bush.
Bush and Kerry (Puppets) Battle on Broadway
at Times Square Avenue Q Debate

PLAYBILL -- A little fall of rain couldn't stop the presidential candidates John Kerry and George W. Bush (or rather legless, felt-skinned facsimiles of them) from debating the issues at a Times Square debate hosted by Broadway's reigning Tony champion Avenue Q.

A New York crowd gathered at Times Square's Duffy Square (at 46th Street and Broadway) just after noon where a dais with two podiums set the stage for the "Avenue Q and A." Broadway's favorite gay Republican, the puppet Rod (as handled by Tony Award nominee John Tartaglia) kicked off the event, mentioning he was still reeling from the Republican National Convention, then professing his love for Vice President Dick Cheney.

Warning Bush (puppet creator Rick Lyon) and Kerry (Jennifer Barnhart) that when their time was up Christmas Eve (Ann Harada) would crash a cymbal, Rod then introduced the candidates who summed up their platforms before questions were taken from "concerned citizens" of Avenue Q. Collapse )

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