November 29th, 2004


Speaking Out Of My Butt

          And now, some comments from me about Alexander, a movie which I haven't even seen.1  If various news agencies are to be believed,2 there's some sort of furor3 being raised4 over the portrayal of Alexander the Great as, well, less than a butch all-American he-man.5  People are shocked, yes shocked, to find homosexuality in ancient Greece!6  Modern day Greeks are even bringing lawsuits against Warner Brothers and/or Oliver Stone7 for their blatant inclusion of the obvious in their picture.  I find it ironic that Oliver Stone is getting heat for the one time in his career that he's actually historically accurate.8

1 This qualifies me to hold any opinions I wish, unencumbered by reality.
2 Insert sarcastic facial expressions here.
3 Yes, I spelled that word correctly.
4 Oddly enough, the movie's ticket sales aren't being helped by the controversy.
5 A little "light in the sandals", according to the New York Post.
6 Forget Alexander. There are other movies you need to see if you don't get the reference behind that line.
7 The film's director, producer, and co-writer.
8 My theory about JFK is that Stone made up all of those muddled conspiracy theories to conceal the fact that he shot Kennedy.

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