December 26th, 2004


Baby Update

Not many people tried their luck in this poll, guessing when Richard would be born and how big he'd be.

(I saved all of the answers, so I'd know if anyone went back and changed their guesses.)

Well, no baby yet. The following people are out of the running:

</a></b></a>December 20th, 9:29
</a></b></a>December 21at 3:45pm
</a></b></a>Wednesday, December 22nd. 2 AM
</a></b></a>Dec,24 4am
</a></b></a>Christmas! At um....4:20.
</a></b></a>Christmas Day

EDIT: </a></b></a>paigedayspring said "Boxing Day...between 7&8pm", so the clock is running out for her prediction...