January 7th, 2005

Allah Sulu-Hello Kitty

2004 Review...

The LJ 2004-in-a-Nutshell Herpes¹
(Ganked from </a></b></a>janetweiss69)
"You take the first sentence from every month from your journal, and put it all together so you can sit back and go 'I really AM a freak' and take a good look at 2004. Ta-da!"
</a></b></a> wrote in 2004: New Year is cancelled. Despite the temptation, I did not watch the Superbowl yesterday. At least we're safe from the Nerd Riots of 2004... No time for April Fool's shenanananananigans. This one's dedicated to </a></b></a>gwiii and </a></b></a>spooky_lu... A few quick comments before I have to wake up and work. Get two more weeks of paid membership free; or extend your membership now and get two more months free. Q and I just saw M. Night Shyamalan's The Village People. Using the map I ganked from </a></b></a>darkmattr, here's an icon for Hurricane Frances... Bush and Kerry (Puppets) Battle on Broadway at Times Square Avenue Q Debate. Tomorrow is erection election day, so remember to vote </a></b></a>! The Adventures of The Drunk Brothers.

¹"I have decided that since I fucking hate it when people call them memes, and it's god damn annoying when people get cutesy and call them lemmings as if we're all nothing but stupid sheep following along bleating, I'm inventing my own god damn name. That's right, bitch, suck it up. From now on, they're herpes. Annoying, easily transmitted by contact with 'friends,' passed around among groups of people who are connected to each other to varying degrees of intimacy, and tending to pop up without warning and refuse to go away, and occasionally prone to coming back. Spread 'herpes.' You know you want to."

</a></b></a>peverel (original, metaquoted)