January 12th, 2005

Allah Sulu-South Park

A Joke From Canada

          A young journalism graduate from Weyburn had gone to work for the Weyburn Review.  His first assignment was to write a brief human interest story.  An idea came to him, and he returned to one of the most remote areas he knew of in his home province of Saskatchewan.  Deep in the woods near Trossachs, he came upon a farmer's house and decided that this would be a good place to start.
          He introduced himself to the back country farmer and explained why he was there.  The farmer, Hill Billy Schmidt, agreed to answer his questions.  The reporter asked Billy Schmidt what event in his life had made him the happiest.
          Billy Schmidt replied, "One time a neighbor lost one of his sheep.  We all formed a posse and found it.  After we all screwed it, we took it back to the farmer that lost it."
          "I can't print that," said the reporter.  "Is there another event that made you really happy?"
          Billy Schmidt thought for a minute and said, "Yep.  One time the daughter of another local farmer got lost.  She was a good-lookin' young girl.  We all formed a posse and found her.  After all of us screwed her, we took her back to her daddy."
          Again the reporter knew he couldn't print the story, so he decided to take a different tack.  He asked the farmer, "Is there any event in your life that has made you really sad?"
          Billy Schmidt hung his head and replied, "Well, I got lost once..."
Allah Sulu-South Park

HFS = Holy Fucking Shit!

This one's for the locals.

One the drive home from work, I turned on my radio and was listening to 98 Rock (my #1 preset). They were having a gloatfest. "Turn your radio to HFS for a minute," Mickie said. "Go ahead, we'll wait."

So I did. WHFS (99.1) is my #2 preset. Apparently, at noon today, with little or no warning, the management booted everyone out and switched over to an all-Spanish format.

Damn. So... Any suggestions for a new station to put on that button?

EDIT: As I got home, 98 Rock was playing "Mexican Radio"...

EDIT #2: The last minute of WHFS: http://www.hfstival.com/elzol.mp3

EDIT #3: They pranked that one, try this URL: http://www.hfstival.com/whfs.mp3
Basically, what happened is this -- a regular HFS-type song ended, they did an HFS station identification in English, followed by an El Zol identification in Spanish, and then started up a Spanish song. That's it. Switched formats with no fanfare during the station identification break between songs.