January 26th, 2005

Allah Sulu-South Park

Re: "A Very Manly Game"

          </a></b></a> wrote about a drinking game, an activity with which I have some familiarity... So, I wrote this response:

          That was the kind of drinking game we played in college as well.  In many drinking games, taking a shot is a penalty -- completely backwards, from our point of view.  We wanted to drink, quickly and copiously.  So we invented games much like "U Chug", where it was impossible not to get completely smashed in short order.
          The games eventually devolved into one (for which the name was either forgotten or never existed) in which everyone present had to drink whenever any participant said the words "I object".  Someone could object to a statement made by another player, to something on TV, to anything.  Naturally, it didn't take long before everyone was objecting to everyone else's objections, and the vicious circle had begun.
          Of course, one of the most famous (and difficult) drinking games involves the song Roxanne by The Police.  In this game, you take a drink every time they utter the word "Roxanne" -- you really need to have a lot of drinks lined up in advance and/or someone very quick dedicated to giving you prompt refills.  I did this once, just because I wanted to be able to say I had done it -- because just about everyone I knew had heard of this game, but none had ever actually tried it.

          So, does anyone have any objections?


Not That I Care - I Won't Be Watching It

Human Mascots Typically Triumph Over Animal Mascots In Super Bowls
SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash) – The New England Patriots are in luck:  History shows that when a team with an animal mascot opposes a team with a human mascot in the Super Bowl, the two-legged mammal usually beats the four-legged one.  According to sports journalist Peter Kennelly, in the last 38 Super Bowls, teams with an animal mascot have played against a team with a human mascot 25 times, with the human mascot team winning 18 of those battles.¹
          That’s good news for the Patriots, who will line up against the Philadelphia Eagles Feb. 6.  The most successful animal-beaters over the last four decades are the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers, who have both been victorious four times.  On the flip side, the teams with an animal mascot that have taken the biggest whupping from the humans have been the Buffalo Bills and Denver Broncos, with four losses each.
          Still, the Eagles have some hope this year, because animal mascot teams have triumphed over human mascot teams three out of the last six times they went head to head in the Super Bowl.²

¹That's 72%, if you were wondering.
²That would be 50%.