March 5th, 2005


Beware Frienditto

Frienditto ... is an archive service that claims affiliation with Live Journal BUT DOES NOT HAVE IT.  There has been some concern over this site and security of LJ accounts.  If you provide it with your login information for your Live Journal you give this service permission to archive your friends only entries and ANY locked entries of your friends for which you have access...
Dear user,

Frienditto is not affiliated with LiveJournal in any way.  As such, this website does not have access to any entries which are not publicly viewable.  If someone provides them with their LiveJournal username and password, however, it gives this site access to all non-public entries that account would have access to.  We can only recommend that you do not provide your username and password to any person or website to ensure the security of your account.

Additionally, if you believe anyone on your Friends list may have provided their login information to this website, we can only advise that you remove them from your Friends list.  This website will have access to your Friends-only entries as long as any person on your Friends list has given the site access.  If any content is present on Frienditto which you do not wish to be there, you will need to resolve the issue with that website.

LiveJournal Abuse Team

Any of you who keep some or all of your journal private of friends-only will not want to use this site; furthermore, if some or all of your journal is friends-only, you won't want any of your friends to use this service either.
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