April 29th, 2005

Happy Fun Ball

No Spoilers

Just got back.

Richard slept through most of it (all the way up to Magrathea, and then for a bit more later on); and spent the rest of the time sucking on a bottle, being rocked, or just staring at the screen. He never once screamed or cried, just yawned a bit.

I hadn't built up much in expectations for this movie, except that it would obviously be different from all of the other versions (radio, TV, books, stage plays, video game) just as they all contradicted each other. Lots of funny gags; some old, some new, some borrowed, some blue¹. Several scenes and speeches had bits left out, but they also expanded some bits. It was also easy to see the American influences.

I enjoyed it. Not my favorite version of the story, but not bad either. Captured a lot of the spirit even when it completely changed the story (like the remake of Bedazzled).

¹There actually was a blue Ford Prefect (the car) in the flashback to when Arthur and Ford first met.