June 13th, 2005

Allah Sulu-South Park

Making A Spectacle

I'm finally getting a new pair of glasses.

My last pair were broken in 1995, when I wore them as part of my Doctor Scott costume at Rocky Horror. </a></b></a>jeff knocked them off of me and </a></b></a>karen stepped on them (or vice versa).

I don't really need them, as such (my eyesight is good enough for driving without assistance); but they made things easier (and reduced my squinting). I'm just a little nearsighted, and originally got them in high school (they made it easier to read the blackboard from the back row). Since I was no longer in school when the last set broke, I didn't see the point in replacing them.

But now, I'm squinting more often; trying to read tiny street signs when I'm going all over the place following MapQuest directions, or watching DVDs with subtitles – either because it's in a foreign language, or because I have the sound off because </a></b></a> and/or son are asleep (I was almost halfway through Firefly before I really got to know what the characters sounded like).

So, last week, I got my vision tested. Same as it ever was (I was told the last time I was tested – around 1990 or so – that my eyesight had stabilized and wouldn't get any worse until/unless I got old). There were a lot more tests than I remember; some of that equipment may not have existed the last time I was checked. Anyway, no cataracts, glaucoma, or any other problems (good thing, given Gonzales v. Raich).

The glasses will be ready in about a week, just in time for Vegas.