June 21st, 2005


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Song lyrics, translated from English to German to French and back to English via Babelfish – and you guess what songs they are.

  1. They are astonished with which is me, apparatus, or of the Mannequin, if the parts in Japan are manufactured, I am Modren man. I have a secrecy which I was dissimulated under my skin. My heart, is cooked my blood, my brain IBM humanly. yermie
  2. It explained me that it worked the morning and started to laugh. I declared that me to him crawled not, and far, to sleep in the bath. And I awoke, was me, this bird am only stolen. Thus, I a fire, am not lit him well? major_beefcake
  3. IchWAR in the concept to pay my remark of car, until I receive high to play on the boat, I then did not receive however high from IchWAR in the concept. Schleppseil-LKW removes now and me knows, why: because I received high. aerindipity
  4. The people who speak in film, show them, the people who smoke in the grain, the republicans choosing of the people, give a loading to the head! isis_dot_com
  5. I had sights, was me in them, looked at me in the mirror, to see cleaning small number to which rottenness and evil in me. Ends of the finger have memories, well cannot the curves of your body forget. And if I believe in a top insolate, I make it run the fattening of flag and see, with which it greets, however anybody indeed. yermie
  6. You can me declare well besides use my manner, me are the man of a woman: no time speech. Music loud and of the women are heated, me were made a step around, since I had been born. And now it is precisely. It is OKAY. And you can look at the other manner. We can try to include/understand the time effect of New York on the man. aerindipity
  7. Me hatred rain and sunny time. And I, hatred me the beach and mountains (buh-hoo) and I also do not want a thing on the city, No, No; and I, hatred me landscape too. And me hatred of all on it. yermie
  8. My friend who is received a friend and him, this female hates; he declares me each day. He says to lose the manner "the man whom I really received, my Kueken in the worst type." It sat on its ass, works its hands with the bone to him, to give its money each payday. But it wishes more dinero precisely remains with the house, my friend, received you to say... aerindipity
  9. It cuts trees, eats to him to the bottom its lunch, suits him to the toilet. Wednesday it will buy and has of Scones gebutterte for tea. It is Holzfaeller and is to him OKAY. It sleeps all the night and all the day works to him. yermie
  10. My einsamkeit only is a setting with died me. I must admit that I still believe. If I am not with you me, you lose my understanding give me a sign strike to me with baby another mark.
  11. aerindipity