July 10th, 2005


Tooth O'er Dere!

Richard has been drooling and gnawing and obviously teething for a while lately. Since he already had his two front teeth on the bottom, we figured the top front teeth would be next. So we've been feeling his upper gums, pulling his lip up to check, and watching for his next tooth to pop out.

Yesterday, we noticed it already had. He now has three teeth on the bottom.
Allah Sulu-South Park

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  1. Have you ever shaven ALL yor hair off? Including your head? And why?
  2. I have way too much hair on my body to shave it all off. I keep some bits trimmed, and prefer my face clean-shaven (facial hair itches me too much); but I've never shaved my head.

  3. If you had the opportunity to kill a corporate mascot without any consequences, which one would you pick and how would you destroy him/her/it?
  4. Tough one. I gave up watching TV over two years ago, so I'm not [over-]exposed to all the ads like everyone else is (that's one of the reasons why, in fact). I still have to sit through commercials when I go to the movies, however; which really pisses me off because I shouldn't have to pay them to watch their ads. That being the case, I'd kill those annoying "Fanta Fanta, Don't You Wanta" chicks.

  5. why wouldnt you want to be the ebola virus?
  6. If you're referring to this question, I didn't even consider ebola because it's not an STD. However, what I said there still applies. A successful parasite or bacteria is able to live and prosper in its host without killing it – since the host is its home and food supply. Many of them die after the host dies. (Anyway, a lot more people have herpes than ebola!)

    When I first read your question, I thought you were asking why I didn't want to have the ebola virus. That's easy – only my wife is allowed to eat my flesh.

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