July 11th, 2005


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  1. If you could never drink vodka again, what would you drink instead?
  2. Probably rum - that's my usual second choice after vodka. Or I'd just chug tequila or straight grain alcohol.

  3. Why do you still have BOTH of your kneecaps?
  4. I haven't been kneecapitated yet.

  5. why dont you want to live in heaven?
  6. This would be in reference to this question, right? Technically speaking, I don't think you can "live" in Heaven since heaven is defined as the "after-life". If you're in Heaven, and still living, then you've taken a wrong turn at Albequerque – or you're a member of Wyld Stallyns and just passing through. Anyway, I was only thinking in the shorter term. Residence at the White House is only temporary, after all; and I don't think I'm ready to die yet (though the opinions of Mr. Kneecapper above may differ).
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Three-Part Question

This was a three-part question from one person:
  1. If you could be any anime char who/what would you be?
  2. As much as I find some anime entertaining, I'm not sure if I'd want to be in one, what with the tentacles, nosebleeds, and being punched into orbit. I also know that my wife would never follow me into an alternate anime universe (can you think of any anime main characters that are happily married fathers? I can't) so I'll have to stay here.

  3. Is there any anime char you can relate to?
  4. Ryoga (Ranma ½), particularly for the sense of direction (or lack thereof). Also Keiichi (Ah! My Goddess) or Hideki (Chobits), because I've also had my perfect woman fall into my lap. Let me also add Pikachu (Pokémon) just to see if Oscar is paying attention...

  5. Are you coming to Otakon?
  6. I'm not planning on it. I've now had three exhausting weekends in a row (one of which was also expensive); I need to recover sometime! I'd drop by to check it out and hit the dealer's room if that didn't require a badge. When is it, anyway?
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Allah Sulu-South Park

Even More Answers

More answers to your questions:
  1. Which internal organ are you most afraid of?
  2. What a bizarre question. Afraid of them in what way?
    • Afraid of them, disembodied, coming after me? (The Night of the Living Duodenum)
    • Afraid of them while they're still inside other people? (I never touch anyone within a foot of their spleen!)
    • Afraid of my own? (Someday, my major intestine will leap up and strangle me to prevent me from writing any more poetry.)
    Overall, I'd have to say I'm most afraid of my own liver. That's the organ (internal, at least) which I've abused the most, and therefore has the most motive for revenge.

    EDIT: There was a time when my brain was trying to kill me, but we appear to have a truce.

  3. In how many states have you had sex?
  4. Off the top of my head: twelve, I think.

  5. So how did the Wings, Santa Hat, Doobie and HUH? come about?
  6. When I first created this LJ, I was actively trying to conceal my identity (I created it as a prank – for months, I was on the friends lists of people I knew, and they had no idea that allah_sulu was me). I decided that I needed a distinctive avatar which had nothing to do with me, to be identifiable with the LJ sockpuppet. I created it by playing with the South Park Studio, and mixing and matching features that just seemed "right". The "HUH?" was an afterthought, it just seemed to fit. I started using these on other icons, just to give the new character its own distinctive style. And now that the prank's over – well, I'm stuck with it!

  7. When are you doing Doc Oct for halloween?
  8. When I've got the time, space, and materials to construct the costume? I haven't been able to make anything that elaborate recently.

  9. What sort of finish does the edge of your worksurface have at the desk where the computer you are reading this post from?
  10. Wood grain. I have a picture somewhere online of me at my work desk (I read that post from work, even though I'm answering it from home – there's fake[r] wood grain here, too.

  11. Was Trelane (first series of Star Trek) [a] young Q or a different species altogether?
  12. That isn't canon, but it's a popular speculation (and is posited in a number of novels). Given the number of omniscient species in the Trekniverse, he could also be a young Organian, or a young whatever that raised Charlie X, etc. Since Encounter at Farpoint was a thinly-disguised retread of The Squire of Gothos (the first season of TNG was done quick and cheap and ripped off anything that was lying around at Paramount), it could be said that the Q Continuum are children of Trelane.

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