July 19th, 2005

Allah Sulu-South Park

Questions And Answers II: Electric Boogaloo

Another batch of questions and answers:
  1. who is your favorite lj friend that also happens to be a stuffed moose?
  2. That would have to be my 2004 Party Party running mate, </a></b></a>bradwinkle.

  3. can i have a frappucino?
  4. Heh heh mheh ... are you threatening me? Sure, you can have a frappucino. There's even a Starbucks franchise on my friends list (they're everywhere). Talk to </a></b></a>cthulugrrl.

  5. Do you find that you get along better (as friends) with guys or girls?
  6. Girls, generally. Once I realized that I was immune to cooties.

  7. Is there a personality trait you wish you had, but don't?
  8. I have improved on this score, but I could always use more self-confidence. The trait I'd like to lose is my tendency towards procrastination, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

  9. We now know how you and Q got together, so how did you get hooked up with the rest of the Murgatroid crew?
  10. I really do need to write up a detailed Murgatroid history someday. The first incarnation of the Murgatroid was created by me at an SF con. I've always liked to mock those who take things too seriously; so when I saw all of the people with their Starfleet names and ranks and starships, I invented a starship called the "USS Murgatroid", and invented the characters of a couple of officers, based upon myself and some friends. I originally met Ken (Captain K.Y. Jellico¹) and </a></b></a>forkintheroad (Qaren) in the mid 90s doing The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Towson, MD. The three of us were the main Con Murgatroid crew, though we were joined by many others that we knew. Our many exploits have made us legends in our own minds. (Actually, years later, we were at a con talking to someone, and mentioned a couple of things we'd done, and he was like "OMG, that was you?!?"

    Some of them were still around and joined the second incarnation of the Murgatroid on LiveJournal when I started that up. K.Y. Jellico² has since retired and expired, making my character (</a></b></a>storvik) the captain. The other LJ founding members were </a></b></a>gwiii (Counsellor Lothar), whom I've known since the late 80s, and </a></b></a>sethcohen (Dr. Khan) whom I originally met online discussing gaming (Illuminati: New World Order, to be precise). I was still living with </a></b></a>forkintheroad when I invited Seth (who turned out to live not far away) over to play INWO. Karen wasn't fond of the idea of me inviting over people I met online, since they could turn out to be dangerous lunatics. In Seth's case, she was correct; but that just meant that he fit in well with my other friends. Some of his other friends, and some of mine (originally met on alt.fan.tom-servo) also joined in to the Murgatroid universe (which is currently stalled as we all have so much other stuff going on in our lives right now).

    I hinted yesterday that there was something uusual in how long I've known </a></b></a>gwiii. We met in college in the late 80s. We also met on a BBS³ in the late 80s, where I was "Back Slash" and he was "GW III". However, for a year and a half, I never realized that he and GW III were the same person, and he never realized that Back Slash and I were the same person. We each thought that the other was two separate friends – so, when we calculate how long we've known each other, we count that year and a half twice.

Have any more questions? Ask away, before I turn IP tracing back on and screening/anonymity off...

¹The name was, of course, a reference to "K-Y Jelly" as well as to the character Edward Jellico from TNG.
²The character, not the playa.
³The BBS was Drag/NET, and the sysop was </a></b></a>blargblarg.

Allah Sulu-South Park

Quickie Answer

  1. What question do you wish someone would ask?
  2. Nothing I can think of offhand. If I really wanted to tell you something, I'd just go ahead and tell you. And if I really wanted to answer a certain question, I could always just pretend that someone had asked it – since the questions are screened and anonymous, you really have no way of knowing what I'm being asked. However, I assure you, I have not made up any of the questions which I've answered...

  3. How did you get to be so gosh-darned wonderful?
  4. ...until now.
Have any more questions? Ask away, before I turn IP tracing back on and screening/anonymity off...
Allah Sulu-South Park

Q&A II: Questions And Answers United

This is the fourteenth post I've made so far answering your questions … thanks for giving me something to write about so I don't have to come up with topics!  ;)
  1. So now we know about the double year and a half with </a></b></a>gwiii. But how did you guys figure out that you knew each other, thus ending the "time loop"?
  2. I figured that he had to be another RIC student when I saw the name "GW III" show up on campus – among other places, it was written on the inside of one of the elevators in permanent marker. I asked GW III, on the BBS, if he went to RIC and if so, who he was; but he declined to identify himself to "Back Slash". Finally, when we started using some of the same phrases on- and off-line, it was a dead giveaway. (The final straw was the quote, "My hovercraft is full of eels.")

  3. How would someone apply to join your cast if they were interested?
  4. If you're talking about the Rocky Horror cast, </a></b></a>transconcubines, just talk to someone after the show.

    If you're asking about the Murgatroid, we're not really taking applications; it's something we as friends do to amuse ourselves. We have enough problems with coordination, motivation, and endurance (people who post a few times and never return) without bringing in more people. That being said, if you create your own character[s] and ship, there's always a possibility of interaction at some point in the future. Our characters have interacted with people from a number of other role-playing groups (although not all of those interactions are considered part of the "canon" continuity).

  5. Your wife bakes you a birthday cake that tastes like glue. What do you do? And if Q doesn't back, assume she does.
  6. I eat a piece. If she asks how it is (I assume she'd try it herself, and notice that it didn't come out well) I'd politely let her know that it needed work. I don't think I've had to do that with anything she's cooked yet, though.

  7. How many boobies have you seen in person and for free? My total is an odd number.
  8. This one was obviously not asked by a Rocky Horror person. Between RHPS performances, conventions, and parties alone I could not even begin to guesstimate how many boobies I've seen. On my friends list alone are about a dozen women I've seen topless, in person, without money changing hands.

  9. Who has the bounciest boobies in all of LJ land?
  10. I haven't seen all of your boobies yet. Of the dozen referred to above, probably </a></b></a>cthulugrrl; although I must assume </a></b></a>bouncepogo has that name for a reason…
Have any more questions? Ask away, before I turn IP tracing back on and screening/anonymity off...
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