September 30th, 2005


I Just Want To Bang On The Drum All Day

Richard is nine months old today, so he needs to see his doctor and get some S-H-O-T-S. He would have gone in in another week or so, but there was a cancellation at the doctor's office today, so we're taking that slot.

EDIT: He got three shots – hepatitis, polio, and (this one was optional, but as long as he was there getting poked anyway) influenza. He cried when he got the shots, but cheered up really quickly afterwards (unlike the last time, when he got four shots and was well and truly pissed off).

His appointment's at 11:20, so I'm not going to work. No point in driving all the way in, working two hours, then leaving. Or going in for a few hours afterwards. Anyway, I just wrapped up a couple of things this week already, so I have to let the other people in my office go over them and catch up. I have plenty of days off saved up, so there's no problem there; and my company's pretty flexible, especially when it comes to taking time off for doctors' visits for myself, Q, or Richard...

The fact that this leaves me with plenty of time to see Serenity today is, of course, merely a fortuitous coincidence.


I'm not going to post a huge, gushing review - I'm sure most of you (even the fans) are sick of seeing Serenity all over your friends lists. I'm certainly not going to post any spoilers, either.

I will say that it was worth the wait, and exceeded expectations - and there have been damned few movies I can say that about lately.