January 13th, 2006


Say No More

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Check this out:

You can harass people on your f-list who haven't updated in a while.

You know, because nothing says "I miss you" like "Stop having a life and get back in here to provide me with mindless entertainment!"

This won't end well.
Allah Sulu-South Park

No Cockblocker I

I went out to 7-11 on an emergency caffeine run.  There was a bit of a line, since one of the employees seemed to be training another.  The problem lay in the fact that neither spoke English well, but they were forced to attempt to communicate in English because (I'm assuming) they had no other language in common.

I don't like waiting in lines.  I tend to get impatient and annoyed, especially if I have a focus for my annoyance – like some idiot holding up the line, or someone trying to cut in front of me.  Tonight, there was a guy who was trying to weasel in front of me.

Normally, I'd have gone some flavor of ballistic.  However, I noticed that the only thing he was carrying to the register was a box of Trojans (for which he did end up paying, quickly enough, in cash).  I figured it was understandable that he was in a hurry, and didn't want to break the cardinal Guy Rule of coming between a fellow man and his nookie, so I did nothing.

Though I hope I was able to subtly convey that I was deliberately, by choice, doing nothing; and that he was not merely successful in his weaseling.

P.S.  I wrote this post in my Massive Tool, and my computer locked up just as I was almost finished.  Fortunately, there's a feature in the latest revision of the Massive Tool which meant that the text was still there waiting for me when I rebooted.  (I'm not sure, but I don't think I'd included that feature yet in the version which is currently available for download.)