January 26th, 2006


Comment Out Of Context

I just posted this comment in someone's1 livejournal:
"And for the really bad migraine headaches, only butt sex from the Incredible Hulk will do."

How do you react when you see a link like that?

I click on it right away! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
I consider the source. Do I trust the person who posted the link not to send me to something horrible?
I ask if the link is safe for work before I click on it.
I examine the URL before clicking on it.
I read the comments, to see the reactions of other people who have already clicked on that link.
Dude, there is no way I'm clicking on a link with a description like that.

1It was in response to a friends-only post, or else I'd give a link (or at least a name).


LJ Warning

Apparently, there's something still wrong with how LJ is handling its corrected cookies and/or new URLs, because I've noticed a few times today that my friends list was composed entirely of public entries. Friends-only and filtered posts that I knew should be there weren't, and I did double-check to make sure that I was logged in. Eventually, they showed up again; but they've been doing the vanishing act multiple times since then. So, if you're only seeing public posts on your friends page right now, and there are usually locked posts there (many of my friends don't even do public posts anymore) – then you're probably missing things. Maybe even a lot of things.