February 5th, 2006


For The HELLO KITTY Fanciers On My F-List (You Know Who You Are)

TOKYO, Japan (Reuters) – Need temporary help on your company's reception desk? One Japanese employment agency is suggesting you try recruiting a robot. For just under ¥50,000 (US$430) a month, a fraction of the cost of a human temp, the PeopleStaff agency will dispatch Hello Kitty Robo, a robotic receptionist capable of sensing a visitor's presence, greeting him or her and holding simple conversations…


Looks like Richard has a couple of molars coming in, which explains the fever, sleeplessness, and grumpiness.

He was in a pretty good mood today, though, since the fever's gone and I rubbed some oragel(?) on the about-to-burst gums – so we took him out a few places. Figured today would be a good day to go out, since there's supposed to be something big on TV today. Or so I've heard.