February 12th, 2006


Look At The SNOO!!

We bought a sled for Richard when we went up to New England for Christmas. (Yes, I like to go north for the winter. I never claimed to be sane.) Given how warm it's been down here (and how little snow we usually get anyway) I wasn't sure if we'd get to use it again this year.

Well, we got a bunch of snow dumped on us last night (I cleared off my car and did a bit of shovelling so I could get to work tomorrow; but I didn't have to drive anywhere today), so Richard's been out a couple of times today to get pulled around on the sled (we tried to teach him to yell "Mush! Mush!" at us, with no success). He enjoyed it.

He also thought it was hilarious that you could press your hands against snow and leave handprints in it, and he loved the trick where Daddy went up to a big white mound of snow and magically produced his car.

(No pictures. Sorry.)
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He Was A Hairy Bear, He Was A Scary Bear

In a variation on the Johari Meme, which invites you to select positive adjectives that (you think) describe me, the Nohari Meme asks you to choose negative adjectives that describe me.

Since everyone on LJ is trying to do these memes at the same time, the site is generally overloaded whenever you try to access it. Still, I'll try to answer yours, and I'll write a comment about your responses to mine once we can all get to the site again.