February 21st, 2006


Don't Tell Bev!

Richard is having a great time surrounded by loud music, screaming people, and strange costumes.

Pity he likes the "It's a Small World" ride enough that we had to go on it twice (so far!)

Had a great birthday (thanks for the well-wishes and virtual balloons!)

Have taken almost 200 pictures down here so far, so you guys are all in trouble when I come back and start posting them...

EDIT: I've skimmed my f-list a couple of times, but I can't guarantee I've seen (or will see) everything you post while I'm away (or after I get back). If there's something that you think I really need to see, post a link to it in the comments here. I may not get to it until after I get back home, but I will get to it.

EDIT #2: We're avoiding long lines by telling everyone that we know Kevin Boycik.