March 1st, 2006


Random Bits

  • One of the best signs that Richard really enjoyed his vacation: He was in a really good mood most of the time1 despite the fact that he just had three more teeth break out2. Thank God for baby OraGel. (We all caught a nasty cold as well, and are still coughing.)
  • When we got back yesterday, I noticed that the local theater had Fight Club on the marquee. Since they normally have an Indian title on one of their screens, I assumed this was in reference to the Bollywood musical remake of Fight Club and not the 1999 version with Ed Norton and Brad Pitt. I swung by the box office tonight to check. I was right; it was the Bollywood remake… But, the movie had already ended it's run on Sunday – they just hadn't changed the marquee yet. Bummer. I would have loved to see the Fight Club musical.
  • Apparently it's not just us Americans – according to Harry Potter, the French are all idiots, too. As many of you know3, the title of the first HP book (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone) was renamed for American readers,4 who were assumed to be too ignorant to know what a Philosopher's Stone was.5 Today, while following Richard through the library, I happened upon the French versions of the HP series. All of the titles were literal translations from the English originals ("Chambre des Secrets", "Prisoneur D'Azkaban") except for the first book: "Harry Potter à L'école des Sorciers" ("Harry Potter and the School of Sorcerors"). I guess the French aren't expected to know anything about alchemy either.

1The daytime, that is. Nighttime was an entirely different story. Don't ask how tired and irritable mommy and daddy got.
2For a total of eleven, with a couple more looking like they're not far behind.
3And the rest of you don't care.
4As was the movie – I have both Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on DVD. The latter is a region 1 DVD from Canada, and features different takes of the few scenes where the Stone is actually named.
5Apparently, they never played D&D. It's also worth noting that the English dub of the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist uses the correct term, "Philosopher's Stone".