March 2nd, 2006


Still There, Jeffie?

I still haven't gotten very far into that anime version of The Sound of Music I found (it's forty episodes on five DVDs!) but I found something else in Florida that's also scary (and, at nine minutes long, much easier to watch): an anime version of The Wizard of Oz!

Because I love to scare my friends.

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Allah Sulu-South Park

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What would happen if you flew in all of your LiveJournal friends and let them stay in your house/apartment? by reverse_will
Doesn't show up:mjdolce
Sneaks off with your car and totals it:sexychicken
Drinks directly from your milk carton:unhappymeal
Takes a dump in your bathtub:bradwinkle
Cuts out the crotches in your porn:terminalwriter
Accidentally starts a fire:teppanyaki
Promptly gets arrested and asks you to pay bail:paigedayspring
Gets on your PC to use LJ and won't let you on:seaya
Whines about how there's nothing to do:lord_zanther
Ends up being a super-psycho axe murderer:allah_sulu
Total amount of damages from your LJ buddies:$850,648
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Ends up being a super-psycho axe murderer: allah_sulu
Now you know why I invited all of you...