March 7th, 2006


Stuff And Nonsense

  1. When I mentioned all the fun last week (Richard teething at a furious rate, all three of us and my computer sick), I forgot to mention that Richard also killed Q's cell phone by dropping it in the toilet. So I'm already a week overdue (and counting) to return Greg's phone call about last week's show.
  2. When I dropped Q off at the library, this book jumped out at me from the new release shelf just inside the entrance.
  3. I just got an extremely-overdue haircut today, and I feel twenty pounds lighter. I was also amazed to see all of the gray hairs Richard's given me strewn about the floor. I finally made the time to get the haircut by slipping out of work a bit early (not a problem, because I also went in early). Thursday, I have to look professional. Where'd I put my ties?