April 4th, 2006


The Weekend, In A Couple Of Nutshells

Butt-early Friday morning, we loaded up the car and hit the road for Ohio. (This is why, in case anyone actually noticed, my comments and email replies were almost non-existent for the last few days.) Q and Richard slept for most of the trip, though Q was awake to witness the double attempt on our lives in Cleveland. It was rainy and miserable; and as we took a sharp corner on I-90 through Cleveland, I noticed the driver in the right lane beginning to fishtail. I gently braked, to drop back a bit in case she lost control... which she did. As Q and I watched, she started drifting into my lane and then (presumably because she didn't know how to get out of a skid and spun the wheel the wrong way) suddenly spun out across the highway (passing pretty close in front of us) and slammed into the Jersey barriers on the left side of the highway. If she had any airbags, they didn't go off; but she looked unconscious (or worse) as the car bounced back, spinning across the highway into the righthand breakdown lane (again, barely missing us; because I sped up as her car zoomed by behind us) and finally coming to rest. Q called 911 on my cell phone to report the accident, but we didn't try to stop and wait – it didn't seem the safest stretch of road to wait on, particularly with a baby in the car. She described what happened (twice, as she'd given them my number and they called back for further details later) and I told them precisely where it had occurred (I checked out the mile markers on the highway as we drove off). According to The Plain Dealer, there were a number of accidents on I-90 last weekend.

We went to a concert on Friday night: 1964… The Tribute. They are an extremely good Beatles tribute group ("The #1 Beatles Show in the World", according to their web site). Outside the theater was an old black man playing Beatles tunes on a saxophone – We figured that this had to be Clarence Walker, the fifth Beatle, come to give the lads the behind-kickings that they had coming to them.

Saturday night, we went to see Rocky Horror with Simply His Servants (Kevin's cast). Richard stayed with his grandparents, since that theater does not allow in children under five – wouldn't want him making noise during Rocky Horror and distracting people from the movie. (Q pointed out that if Richard did cry during the movie, people would just think it was new audience participation. A month later, half of the audience would be crying at the same point in the movie.) We yelled a lot of lines, including some that we knew only Kevin would enjoy ("Cards for Charo").

Sunday, Richard got to hunt (early) Easter eggs with his cousin Keith. He was a bit unclear on the concept at first.

Monday morning, we hit the road to head home. As some of you know, there was a huge storm across Pennsylvania and the surrounding states yesterday. (My mother-in-law called my cel phone to warn us that they'd just announced a tornado warning across parts of Ohio, hours after I'd cleared those parts. She called me again later, presumably to make sure we hadn't been sucked up to Oz by a tornado… I should have answered the phone as the Lollipop Guild.) Nothing major happened (again, for most of the trip, I was the only one awake. Convenient, since I was driving), and now we're home – and I really need more sleep.