April 7th, 2006


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Well I'm not uptight
Not unattractive
Turn me on tonight
Cuz I'm radioactive
I just had a few X-rays yesterday, but I still haven't developed any super powers yet.

Maybe I need to irradiate my
and then let her bite me?
Allah Sulu-South Park

It's My Birthday Too, Yeah

All the cool kids are doing it!1
  • Type your birthday2 (minus the year) into the WikiPedia search bar.
  • List three interesting facts, two births, and one death that happened on your birthday.3

1Yeah, right, how many "cool kids" have befriended me?13
2Mine, by the way, is February 20th.
3Or more, or less, if you have a particularly interesting or boring birthday. Who chose those numbers?
4I find this one funny for some reason.
5This is for those of you who knew that my birth had to be somehow linked to the Apocalypse.
6And he was as successful as I was. Only I was saner.
7There were so many candles on my cake, and I couldn't blow them all out in time, and… (Actually, I included this one because I'm originally from RI.)
8It was tough picking just a few from that long list; but Anthony Stewart Head is just a total pimp daddy.
9Mike Who?
10The year I was born as well.
11Mmmmmm, bacon...
12"Look at me, I'm Sa-- ACK!" *thud*
13Err, umm... No offense...

Allah Sulu-Powerpuff

Somebody Stop Me!

I took one look at the above icon belonging to paigedayspring and was immediately inspired to write the following bit of doggerel (a.k.a. "instafilk"):

I am the very model of a vigilante maniac
I've nemeses like the Mad Hatter, the Joker, and Brainiac
I beat up all the bad guys just to beat my demons personal
And deny rumours that I give to Robin semen internal...