April 12th, 2006

Allah Sulu-South Park


A variation on Mr[s]. Garrison's "Muslim Sensitivity" lesson, where [s]he explains the reasons why Muslim extremists are rioting and threatening violence over Family Guy. I'd riot if you took away my vodka and bacon – I have no idea what that other Allah is thinking.
The is the latest t-shirt design from goats.com (perhaps best known for their "Republicans for Voldemort" shirt) poses the question "What would Sulu do?"
I don't know about that other Sulu, but here's my answer. (Actually, we now have a fairly good idea of what George Takei would do…)
As Mel Brooks has repeatedly demonstrated, Hitler is a laugh riot. (I dedicate this icon to Greg.)

EDIT: I should add that someone else made the animation of Hitler playing the banjo; I just cropped/resized it down to icon size, and added the caption. Alternately, I could have quoted Steve Martin's old standup routine about how it's impossible to be angry or depressed while playing a banjo…