May 19th, 2006


Xenu's Battle Continues

Starpulse News – Tom Cruise has lost his fight to stop an episode of South Park mocking his Scientology beliefs1 being shown in the United Kingdom.2 The "Trapped in the Closet"3 episode, which shows a cartoon version of Cruise being locked inside a closet, was shown at London's National Film Theatre on Monday. The show was originally taken off air by British TV network Channel 4 in January amid complaints. Organizers were thrilled the actor failed in his attempts to stop the free screening, which accompanied a talk given by creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, insisting it was a display of free speech. A spokesman said, "If we were charging there may have been legal problems, but it was a free event, so it should be fine." After the screening, free copies of "Trapped in the Closet" were handed out.

1And calling him a poofta.
2Which is funny, since the episode even had lines about Tom Cruise suing Stan Marsh in England.
3You'll need BitTorrent to download the episode.

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