June 6th, 2006

My Work Here Is Done

We Get It. You Don't Care.

It's amazing how many people on my f-list are expending amazing amounts of time, effort, and energy to tell me how little they care about the fact that today is 06/06/06. I haven't seen such energetic apathy since the entire internet rose up as one to tell me, in no uncertain terms, how they didn't care a whit that Friends was ending. Didn't even notice, really, and wanted to make absolutely damned sure I knew that.

Seriously, if you didn't care, you wouldn't be mentioning it. Obviously it's striking a chord of some sort with you; and odds are you're all just preaching to choir anyway, since I doubt that any of you who are making such a big deal of it have large masses (heh) of fundies on your f-lists. You're just playing a big game of "I care less that you!" "Oh yeah? No one cares less than me! Watch as I expound upon how little I care!"

06/06/06 is just a little cultural/numerical oddity, like Y2K or 01:02:03 AM on 04/05/06 earlier this year. So make a joke, raise some hell, or ignore it; but take the pitchfork out of your ass and stop telling us how much it's beneath your notice. If it was really beneath your notice, then you wouldn't have noticed it.

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