June 7th, 2006

Allah Sulu-Powerpuff

Idle's Hands Are The Devil's Workshop

Two weekends ago, I picked up a book by Eric Idle (The Road To Mars) in Ohio. I'm about halfway through it.¹ It's OK, if a little slow and dry in parts. It alternates between a sci-fi plot about standup comedians in the future getting into the middle of some kind of conspiracy (no appearance yet by the Knights Templar, but they're in every other conspiracy) and a robot (who looks like David Bowie) ruminating on the causes and properties of humor.
A + πO
m - O
= !
When the pie goes into the observer's face (πO),
everybody laughs except for the observer (m - O).

Completely by coincidence, Karen just reminded me of the time we all went to see Eric Idle (six years ago, minus a week, today) on his live tour (related media). Here's the picture; from left to right, that's Ken, Steve, Eric, and Karen:

¹I'm generally a very fast reader, but I've (a) been busy, and (b) also been reading a couple of other books at the same time – I just finished Bolo! a couple of days ago.

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