August 15th, 2006


Random Head-Hurting Bits

  • I woke up this morning with a headache that – with just a little ambition – could have been a migraine. My internal calendar must be off; I usually just get those on weekends.

  • Weird Al's new album Straight Outta Lynwood comes out on September 26, but you can get a free download of the first single on August 21 (9 PM EDT).

  • My head has improved a bit. Of course, that was before I looked at those damned evil bunnies again. Thanks a lot, GWIII.

  • For Q and Kevin:

    Don't the blue roses in this icon from Shoujo Kakumei Utena look like a hidden Mickey?

  • Meatloaf wants to be a villain on the new Doctor Who.

  • BA has halted all flights from the UK