August 18th, 2006


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I know that some of you have been concerned about the news that the International Astronomical Union (IAU) is changing the definition of what is, and is not, a planet. Pluto and Charon are now considered to be a "double planet", rather than a planet and its moon. Ceres (largest of the asteroids between Mars and Jupiter) and Xena (a.k.a. UB313, not to be confused with UB40, until the IAU comes up with an official, non-lesbian, name for it) have been added to the list of planets.

To help clarify things for the still-confused, IMAO has come up with this helpful, albeit incomplete, list:

Earth: Planet
Mars: Planet
Mars (the candy bar): Not A Planet
Planet Hollywood: Not A Planet
Jupiter: Planet
Venus: Planet
Public Enemy's "Fear Of A Black Planet" album: Not A Planet
Venus Williams: Not A Planet
Pluto: Planet
Animal Planet Channel: Not A Planet
Saturn: Planet
Saturn (the car company): Not A Planet
Mercury: (see Saturn)
The Daily Planet: Not A Planet (or a real newspaper)
Neptune: Planet
Uranus: Still some doubt, possibly due to the less mature members of the IAU sniggering and giggling whenever its name is mentioned.



The other day, on my way home from work, I found myself behind this car:

My first thought was, "This must be someone else who was less than thrilled with the Star Wars prequels."