August 24th, 2006


[Plug] Leave It To Sulu

The New York Television Festival Pitch Contest gives television fans the opportunity to pitch an idea for an original TV show for a chance to win $8,000 from IFC and Rainbow Media. From the pool of submissions the NYTVF received, 50 were selected as semifinalists. From Monday, August 21st through Friday, August 25th, these 50 pitches will be available for viewing on MSN Video. Ten pitches will be introduced each day, and viewers are invited to watch the day's pitches and vote for their favorite…

One of the pitches in yesterday's batch is called "Leave It To Sulu". No, it's not about me; it's for a sitcom set in the Star Trek universe featuring George Takei as a retired Starfleet captain who opens a bar in San Francisco (more details). Voting is enabled through Friday if you want to give it a boost – and why wouldn't you support a show about a bar named "Sulu's Place"?

I wonder how hard it would be to finagle a cameo…


MySpace Help

According to his MySpace, Weird Al has placed his latest single up for free download – but I can't find the actual file on there. This is probably because I don't have (nor want to have) a MySpace account. Can anyone who has MySpace try to find the file on his page for me?

EDIT: I believe this is the video.

EDIT #2: Thanks! You'd think he'd have the link to prominently on his site instead of those MySpace and Yahoo Video URLs.

EDIT #3: I already had this one, but there's another free MP3 out there. Al recorded a parody of James Blunt's "You're Beautiful" which he's not allowed to put on the new album (Blunt said he could do it, but his record label execs are being asses). It's called "You're Pitiful" (each character is a different link, in case some go down).