October 23rd, 2006

Allah Sulu-South Park

Nice Work, Bone Daddy!

Friday afternoon, I took the family to see The Nightmare Before Christmas 3-D at the Muvico Egyptian 24. I hadn't seen the movie in a while, so it was a great re-introduction to it. There were some glitches in the video and audio (particularly in the surround sound, with characters speaking as they moved from one zone to another), but we weren't certain how much of that to blame on the movie vs. how much might be the fault of the equipment at the theater – nonetheless, it didn't detract from the movie (nor did the fact that the stop-motion animation is definitely looking dated, compared to the CGI in the otherwise awful Corpse Bride). Overall, the story, characters, song, and production have stood up to the quiz of time.¹

We weren't too worried about bringing Richard to see this movie in the cinema. He tends to like shows with a lot of music and singing (from Disney to Chicago), and he has seen at least some of it on DVD. His favorite part of the movie was Oogy Boogy, which you'd actually expect to be the most scary to little children. He didn't cause any serious distractions,² unlike Kevin who called Q during the movie.³ It was a good Friday evening out, marred only by the fact that I bought a new DVD recorder for Q after the movie and it turned out to be crap (we exchanged it for a different brand on Saturday).

¹It really hasn't been long enough yet to speak of surviving the "test of time".
²He doesn't even scream out at The Rocky Horror Picture Show, where it's expected.
³Don't worry, we had our cell phones set to vibrate, and she stepped outside to talk to him briefly.

P.S. I also got to check out a couple of episodes of Monk for the first time. Looks like a really fun show, and Tony Shalhoub is excellent.