November 5th, 2006

Allah Sulu-South Park

Off The Road Again

Was it dirty skunk season on the highways this weekend? I lost count of the number of times I was hit with dead skunk pong as I was driving. Were there really that many skunks hurling themselves lemming-like¹ into traffic over the last three days? If so, why?

Speaking of driving, I certainly did quite a lot of it this weekend. Surely² that's obvious, given that it was a road trip weekend; but given the awful senses of direction that Q and I have, we ended up travelling even more than necessary due to either bad driving on my part or bad navigation on hers. (Sometimes our bad senses of direction cancel out, but other times they are additive.)

Some may ask why I don't get some kind of GPS system to navigate by. First of all, I don't like to rely on technology too much – get too used to using a calculator or spell checker, for example, and you become unable to function without them. Secondly, I just don't trust them – not because I am a Luddite who hates and fears technology because I am ignorant of it; but because I spend enough time with it and am knowledgeable enough of it that I am fully aware of the limitations of technology. There have been a number of occasions where MapQuest has steered me wrong,³ and a number of stories in the news where people have driven into lakes or over embankments because they trusted their GPS device more than they trusted their own eyes. I'll print out directions from MapQuest from time to time, but I don't want it in my car.

I'm not going to read any LJ until tomorrow, so I have no idea what may or may not have already been posted about this weekend; but Q and I will have stories and pictures to put up later. (Quick shout out to Cosmo who gave us another SD card for our cameras, since Q was filling up ours with movie files.)

G'night, all!

¹No, I know that lemmings don't actually act that way.
²Don't call me Shirley.
³No matter how early I've hit the road to get there, I've never found the Naro in time to see "Dammit Janet" there – we usually arrive during "The Time Warp".