November 18th, 2006


(no subject)

Since I don't have anything to post here yet, I'll just give you a couple of comments I posted in other people's LJs.

Someone asked someone else (names removed to protect the innocent them), in reference to feminists:

"has there been any wailing and moaning over Weird Al's new song 'Do I Creep You Out', which is a 'love song' from the POV of a stalker?"
My response:
"Since (a) it's Weird Al, and (b) he's hit that theme before, I would hope not. However, there is nothing that exists in the universe that does not offend somebody. 'I offend, therefore I am.'"
I think "offendo ergo sum" needs to be part of the Book of Allah Sulu.

Someone else was happy over the fact that there's already a radio station playing 24-hour Christmas music. I think it's a bit early for that, so …

I'm still listening to Thanksgiving Carols.

O stuffed turkey, o stuffed turkey
Here are the yams I made for thee!
O stuffed turkey, o stuffed turkey
The football game doth start at three.