November 28th, 2006


ATTN: Christmas Babes & Hannukah Hunks

In previous years, around this time, robont held an event called "12 Babes of Xmas". Various comely females on LiveJournal would be nominated, and those who accepted the nominations would be put up to a vote. The twelve winners would submit photographs (festive and/or naughty) of themselves, which robont would display in his journal, one weekday at a time, in the days leading up to Christmas. Presumably, he chose to do this as a stress-relieving public service. Seeing a hole that needed filling, shadesong responded with the creation of the "8 Hunks of Hanukkah" for those female (and male) LJers with different tastes (or who prefered something from both column A and column B).

Some of you may remember this because, last year, I pimped for some of my friends who were nominees (including my former running mate Bradwinkle – and if you've ever seen a stuffed moose in lingerie, you'll be just as mystified as I was over Bradwinkle's loss). Some of you may remember because you were nominees.

However, I'm not bringing this up now in order to pimp this year's nominees – because there are none. For whatever reason, neither robont nor shadesong are performing this vital public service this year. "That sucks, Allah Sulu!" I hear you cry, "But what can we do about it?" I'm glad you asked…

This year, I'll be running both events, the "Babes of Xmas" and the "Hunks of Hanukkah". There will be no nominations, and no voting – because you're all participating, and participation is mandatory. However, because many of you have concerns with modesty, and you don't all know each other, this event will be held by everybody in the privacy of their own homes. All that you have to do, sometime between now and Hanukkah/Christmas, is take off all your clothes while you're at home, and think festive and/or naughty thoughts. That's it. I already did that this morning on the way to the shower. And once you've done that, you can officially claim to be an "Xmas Babe" or "Hannukah Hunk" of 2006.

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