January 8th, 2007

Allah Sulu-South Park

Partial Results

Friday night I decanted (poured through a coffee filter, to be more accurate) and tasted the garlic vodka to mixed results. First, I tried it straight. I liked the garlic taste, but it didn't go well with the kick of the Cîroc – two things which were good separately, but didn't seem to work well together (if/when¹ I make garlic vodka again, I'll have to choose/distill a smoother base vodka which won't try to overshadow with the infusion). The next thing I did was get a "chaser" to go with the garlic vodka – I nuked a batch of Totino Pizza Rolls and alternated eating them with sips of the garlic vodka. That actually worked nicely. I eventually put the rest of the garlic vodka into the freezer, to try it again later when it was ice cold; but I haven't gotten around to that yet (nor did I get to the bacon vodka yet – busy weekend).² I'm also considering nsingman's Bloody Mary idea.

The only other person who was willing to be a guinea pig give it a try was deliriumkt, who didn't like it (despite claiming to "love garlic to a slightly unhealthy degree"). Since she's a vegetarian, and my pizza rolls had pepperoni in them, she was unable to try the "chaser" experiment (which I thought made all the difference).

¹I think "when" is more likely, but can't say how soon.
²For certain values of "busy" – I spent a lot of time sitting around with Richard, but I certainly wasn't going to be testing vodka then. I did watch some of the new Doctor Who episodes that I hadn't seen yet, though.